GSBC’s plan for ensuring your safety at campus facilities:


P – Put on a face mask before entering any building or area of the GSBC church campus. A face mask must be worn over both your nose and your mouth for the entire service.

R – Return to the campus! Seating is not limited; however, seating is on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis  because seating will be on every other pew and at a 6 feet distance from other parishioners. Family members of the same household will be allowed to sit together however the family grouping must be in a 6 ft radius distance from other parishioners.

A – Assess yourself prior to entering any building of the GSBC campus. If you have a cough, a fever, or any other symptoms of COVID-19, for your and other parishioner’s protection you may not enter any area of the GSBC church campus. Please notify the church administration for communion or any other requests of the church. Please view the service online at or

I – Infection Control protocols. GSBC will be disinfecting all seats in the sanctuary as well as cleaning all doors, handrails, and common areas before and after service. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the building.

S – Stay socially distant. We have taken precautions to ensure all attendees can be seated according to social distancing protocols; there are even special areas for family groups. We have all missed each other while we were out, but please refrain from touching anyone outside of your party. At the end of services, please refrain from congregating in the sanctuary or vestibule areas. Please make your way to the outside of the building for any personal interactions.

E – Embrace the opportunity to worship our Lord and Savior and connect with old and new friendships in our Christian community, in a safe manner. Remember that the COVID-19 virus is still transmissible despite being vaccinated so please remain flexible to all the changes in our worship service environment until such a time as the threat of the virus is eradicated.





§  Do I have to be vaccinated to attend?

No. You do not have to be vaccinated to attend service. However, we strongly recommend that you get vaccinated.


§  Are masks required?

Yes. We are requiring masks for the duration of service to ensure everyone’s safety. If you arrive at GSBC without a mask, one will be provided to you for yours and other’s safety.


§  I am not comfortable returning to church yet. Will online services continue to be offered?

Yes! You can continue to view service online at &


§  Will GSBC be limiting seating capacity in the buildings?

No, however, we ask every attendant to maintain adequate social distancing


§  Will GSBC be screening those who attend in person?

No. Temperature checks will not occur upon arrival.

Please note that anyone with a fever or who exhibits any other symptoms of COVID-19 may be asked to have their temperature checked and encouraged to seek medical attention.




§  How will GSBC be enforcing the PRAISE protocols?

GSBC will NOT be doing temperature checks upon arrival. However, anyone exhibiting symptoms of a fever or who visually exhibits any other symptoms of COVID-19 will NOT be permitted to enter the GSBC church campus.

If an individual currently inside the church facility that begins to present any symptoms of COVID-19, a Deacon, an Usher, or a member of the Wellness Ministry will request their removal from services or ask the individual or family group to refrain from entering the facility until they can be cleared as a COVID-19 risk.

Any individual or family group that are presenting COVID-19 symptom’s may also be asked to have their temperature checked and encouraged to seek medical attention. Under no circumstances will that individual or household members be allowed to enter any church building until such time as they can be cleared as a COVID-19 risk.

To expedite entry, please, show up at least 30 minutes before service begins. This will allow time for everyone to be seated in a socially distanced manner when service begins.



§  Can I wear a shield or a neck guard instead of a mask?

Yes. You may wear a shield or a neck guard. Please make sure that any style of PPE covers both the mouth and the nose on your person.


§  What if I have a medical exemption for wearing a mask?

If you have a medical exemption for wearing a mask, we will kindly request for you to abide by the GSBC COVID-19 protocols and wear a mask for service or you can take advantage of our live streaming broadcast and can participate in our service online.


§  Will there be Children’s and Teen Ministry Service?

Yes and No, all Children’s and Teens Ministry services will be available online and live streamed regularly on Wednesday Night at 7pm.  There will be many virtual activities and studies however there will be no in-person services for the remainder of 2021.


§  Should I let someone know if I discover I had COVID-19 while attending a service?

Yes. If you or anyone in your direct household test positive for the COVID-19 virus, please inform the GSBC administration offices ASAP. You can call the office at 501-569-9988 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are waiting for test results to be notified of your status, please refrain from attending in-person worship services until your negative results are confirmed. 


§  Are service times changing?

Yes. Until further notice, GSBC Sunday service will begin at 10AM with doors opening at 9AM.


§  What time should I arrive for service?

Feel free to arrive for service no earlier than 9AM.


§  Will certain doors be marked for exit and entrance only?

Yes. Entry Door will be clearly marked. Please put you mask on before entering any building on the campus. You will be guided upon arrival on where to enter and where to exit.


§  Will restrooms be open?

Yes. All restrooms will be sanitized on a rotating schedule before, after, and periodically during the worship service hours of GSBC.


§  Will the service look different?

Yes, certain elements. Every worship service at GSBC is focused on our ability and freedom to exercise our personal worship of Jesus Christ. The administration, the Pastor under federal guidance’s have decided to institute our “PRAISE” protocols and revamped elements of our worship experience because of COVID-19. Please Embrace the changes. They are designed to facilitate the space for your freedom to worship God and yet remain safe from the potential of being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Tithes & Offering – We are asking that you prepare your tithes and offering envelope in advance and place it in the tithe box as you enter the sanctuary. If you have not placed your envelope in the tithe box, the Ushers will pick it up during the offering period during service.


§  The Wellness Ministry will be on duty every Sunday if parishioners need assistance.


§  How is GSBC cleaning its facilities?

GSBC janitorial staff will be disinfecting all seats in the sanctuary as well as cleaning all doors, handrails, and common areas before and after service. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the building.


§  Can I come to the church building during the week?

Yes. We are not re-opening the building for on-going meetings and events at this time; however, the church office will be open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


§  Will Transportation be provided?

Yes. Transportation will be available to parishioners that are unable to attend services otherwise. You will be required to wear your mask during the entire time of the ride service on any church owned van or minibus.



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