GSBC Christian Leadership School

                      February 26-27, 2019 – 4:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.

           “Equipping the Saints through Teaching” - Matthew 28:18-20

Rev. David Featherstone, Pastor               Rev. Dwight Townsend, Union District Moderator

Mrs. Velma Randolph, Secretary              Mrs. Rosie Powell, Dean (501)565-4240

Mrs. Takisha Sanders, Asst Secretary     Mrs. Clara Redden, Treasurer

Mrs. Angelica Brown, Registrar              Mrs. BeVerly J Sims, Volunteer

Fees: $15.00 (Include snacks, dinner) On-site Registration/Bookstore available

                  (To receive class card, you must attend both nights)

Church Name:*
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Course #      Course Title       Instructor           Phase       

1001 Introduction to the Bible Rev. Bobbie Hampton 1
1079 Survey of John Joyce Willingham 3
1089 Survey of Romans Rev. John Hammond 3
2023 Creative Ways of Teaching Rev. Melvin Harrison
3007 History of Baptist Mrs. Linda Hammond 3
7024 Discovering your Spiritual Gifts Mary Majors 2
8035 The African-American Church and Social Justice Mr. Williams Fultz 4
8066 Christianity & Contemporary Issues Rev. Derrick Flowers 4
9024 Computers in the Life of the Church Mrs. Priscilla W. Williams 4
Enrichment Closing the Back Door (Part 2) Rev. Levell Bass
Seminar Youth & Millennial's Issues Rev. Don & Linda Moses
Suggestions or topics you would like to be included in the workshop?:



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